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Dog grooming & bathing

Get your Dog Clean, Groomed, and Smelling Fresh

Korob Pet Hotel also offers doggie grooming and bathing services of all kinds! Whether your dog is dirty or just needs a haircut, our staff can take care of it! Our certified stylist is experienced, loves animals, and want the best for your pet. That is why we will take great care of your pet with strict safety standards to keep your pet comfortable while they are being groomed.

We offer all types of grooming and cleaning for dogs, including full professional grooms, standard haircuts for each breed, high-quality bathing services, nail trimming or cutting, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, demating, shed control, medicated baths, paw conditioning, and even facials! When your pet leaves our facility, they will be happy and freshly groomed!

We use the best and most environmentally friendly care products, tailored to suit the characteristics of your pet’s skin and coat. At your request we will groom your pet in accordance with the standards of the breed or the most modern trends. The love and experience of our specialists even the most capricious animals will leave satisfied!

Professional Grooming

Small (S) dog: 0-15 lbs; Medium (M) dog: 16-35 lbs; Large (L) dog: 36-60 lbs; X-Large(X-L): 61-75 lbs

Dog Bath:

(facial, nail cutting, ear cleaning, anal gland expression upon request, body condition)

Smail Medium Large X-Large

$25 and up

$35 and up

$45 and up

$60 and up

All pets 80 lbs or more will start at $90 and up.

Dog Haircuts/Grooming:

(Full service bath + haircut)

Smail Medium Large X-Large

$55 and up

$65 and up

$75 and up

$85 and up

All pets 80 lbs or more will start at $100 and up.

Professional Grooming Add Ons

(extra to the bath/groom price)

Nail Grinding (soft nails): $10 Nail Polish: $15 (S/M), $25 f(L/X-L) Soft Paws: $40 for full set
Specialty clips (mowhawks, mustache, lion cips, pom-poms etc.): $10 (S/M dogs), $20 (L/X-L) $50/hour
Cording: $150 and up
Scissoring for full body grooming: $20 Trimming (feet, face, sani, or chest): $10 (S/M) and $20 (L/X-L)
Creative Grooming: Starts at $10 (talk to a groomer for details)
Massage: $60/hour, $50/30 mins, $20/15 mins
Dental Package: $12 (teeth brushing, dental gum gel, and breath spray)
Flea Treatment: $15 (flea shampoo, flea spray, and a skin treatment)
Blow-Outs/Undercoat Removal: $30
De-Shedding Shampoo: $10 (S/M), $20 (L/X-L)
De-Shedding Mud Treatment: $20 for (S/M), $40 (L/X-L)
De-Matting: talk to groomer & look over the matting part of grooming waiver
Matted Shave downs: $100 (S), $125 (M), $150 (L/X-L)

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Testimonials of Korob Dog Grooming & Bathing

Our customers love us. Why?
Vanessa B., Houston, TX

Hurricane Harvey ruined my house. Needed someplace for my 15yr old doxie during the day. Korob not only made my life easier but my Mr Big loved it there. He was so sad 1st few days but the team there was patient with him that each morning he knew he was going somewhere special. Besides […]

More info »
Vanessa B.
December 30, 2017
Danni H., Pasadena, CA

My husband and I are very picky about who we board our dog, Jake with. So much so that when we won tickets to Super Bowl LI, we decided to make it a two week road trip so that we wouldn’t have to leave him with some of the kennels near us in the Los […]

More info »
Danni H.
April 7, 2017
Rick R., Houston, TX

I have used Korob for daycare and boarding. Over the past 20 years I have used several other providers but none that maintain the level of service and care that Korob provides. My two mini schnauzers leap out of my car and run in the front door, stubby tails wagging every time. I’ve used the […]

More info »
Rick R.
March 22, 2017
Makenzie M., Houston, TX

Ryce at korob pet hotel is awesome! I have a former stray dog from BARC that has some resulting behavioral and socialization issues. This was my first time boarding her. I let the staff know about her issues and told them it was fine to keep her separated and in her room. Ryce went above […]

More info »
Makenzie M.
March 19, 2017
Aaron M., Ithaca, NY

We have a 9 yr old Retriever/Shepherd cross who is lovely 95% of the time, except when it comes to food. He is aggressive towards others (not us) during feeding. He had a rough start to life and we’ve managed to train all the other aggressions/bad behaviors out of him, but not the feeding. We […]

More info »
Aaron M.
March 13, 2017
Anith M., Houston, TX

We found this place from a flyer about a year ago. Our dog loves it here. Runs right in. People who work here are very friendly and the love dogs. Their own dogs hang out in the day care. Facility is very clean. They have a groomer on staff, so you can get grooming + […]

More info »
Anith M.
February 15, 2017
Krystal W., Houston, TX

Let me preface that I usually groom my dog myself. I just couldn’t find a beneficial reason to shell out all the dough. Korob has definitely shown me why. My dog is a white Pomeranian and was shedding an insane amount of hair all around the house. I was finding hair on every floor in […]

More info »
Krystal W.
January 31, 2017
Michael 1 P., Houston, TX

They will take amazing care of your pet. The owners are very friendly and they genuinely will treat your pet like it’s their own.

More info »
Michael 1 P.
October 10, 2016
Cristina H., Houston, TX

I don’t write many reviews, really only when I feel like businesses go above any expectations. We had been looking for dog boarding for an upcoming trip because the place we normally used just isn’t what it used to be. I also wanted to keep my dogs in a cage free setting. I stumbled upon […]

More info »
Cristina H.
September 30, 2016
Leslie K., Houston, TX

So glad that I found this place on yelp. Many of the doggy daycares have a waiting list or are dirty/neglectful?. I believe they just opened the brick and mortar of the pet hotel at the beginning of this year. The facility is well kept and clean. The owner and staff are really nice. Rimma […]

More info »
Leslie K.
September 18, 2016


If you have not experienced Korob pet hotel before, please stop by anytime during business hours for a tour. Our staff will be excited to show you around, and you will quickly see why Korob pet hotel is the ideal dog boarding choice in Houston.

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