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Danni H.

My husband and I are very picky about who we board our dog, Jake with. So much so that when we won tickets to Super Bowl LI, we decided to make it a two week road trip so that we wouldn’t have to leave him with some of the kennels near us in the Los Angeles area. I had to call ahead to pet sitters and boarding facilities in Houston to make sure he had a place to go while we were at the game. It was more than a little nerve racking. When we called Korob, things began to go very well.

I WISH I could remember the girl’s name who worked with my husband and I. I’m really kicking myself because she deserves acknowledgement for how incredibly professional and accommodating she was. But I do remember this about her…

She had a tattoo of the state of Texas on her arm and some killer cowboy boots.

She was very kind natured and Jake liked her immediately. She worked with my husband, vet, and I to get our dog’s vet records transferred to Korob in time for the big game. She gave us an extensive tour of the facility (loved that they have nothing to hide), and made sure our dog had the exact accommodations that we wanted for him.

But wait, there’s more.

We were rushing through part of the intake paperwork regarding what type of grooming we wanted for Jake while he was there. We made a mistake and selected the puppy cut/buzz cut for our Australian Shepherd. She and the groomer were awesome enough to realize that was a little unusual and gave me a quick concerned call to confirm my decision. Thank goodness they did!!

When we picked up Jake the next day he was relaxed, handsome, and happy. Ears back with a goofy smile and his signature wiggle. We tipped because they went above and beyond. No anxiety. Good vibes.

I wish this pet hotel was in the Pasadena area. We had an outstanding experience with them. The Korob crew are great ambassadors for Houston!

Lots of love and thanks from CA!!!!!

April 7, 2017, Pasadena, CA

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