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Korob pet hotel team
Our Team

Jorge Guerra

Dog Trainer

A skilled coach with thirty years of experience in the field, including in the K-9 division of the National Army of Colombia, Jorge is a specialist in military, athletic, and civic training for dogs. In Germany, Jorge Guerra received his certification for training dogs of all types and breeds and is considered an experienced expert in animal behavior. This allows him to establish contact and control even over aggressive dogs.

In Venezuela, Jorge Guerra is one of the most famous and sought-after cynologists. This gives us the confidence to guarantee that you will reach your desired results after we work with your pet. We are even ready to give you a full refund if your dog is not trained to fulfill the pre-planned commands and tricks. The specialist develops a training course for your pet individually, taking into account the nature of the animal, the propensity for learning, and its physical and mental abilities. By entrusting your pet to us, you will get a great result – your dog will gain endurance, will be accustomed to obedience, and will execute the proper commands.



Hello! My name is Lindsay, and I am a certified grooming master with more than five years of experience. My knowledge and acquired practical experience allow me to quickly find a common language with even the most capricious pets. My main task is to surround your pet with care, so that they feel comfortable, safe, healthy, and happy. Majority of the time, due attention is paid to the appearance of your dog, which will be irresistible. Hairstyle, daily cleaning, bathing, and even manicure – we take care of everything. We use special equipment intended for grooming, and we find a unique approach to every pet in our hotel.



Korob is the first job I’ve had in the pet industry and it is also my FAVORITE job yet. Being able to work with dogs every day has been such a privilege to me because I am absolutely in love with them and getting to know each of their personalities is so much fun. Working at a facility where dogs are actually excited to stay is so rewarding and that’s why I love being a part of the Korob team.

Ryce Yanez

General Manager

I’ve been in the customer service industry for 15 years and in the doggie daycare/boarding industry for 2 years. My main goal in life is helping myself by helping others, and I take great pride in providing great customer service. I’ve always had doggies all my life, and I’ve even personally trained by dogs, including my 2-year old Shiba Inu. It takes a great deal of patience to understand what your dog’s body language is saying, but with a lot of love and attention to continuity, you’ll have the best bond. It is the greatest feeling in the world when you’re able to have your four-legged friend waiting patiently for you as the front door opens. I hope I can help provide this for you.


Daycare Attendant

Tina – Our Daycare Attendant.



Tony – Our Receptionist.



Mary – Our Technician.


Daycare Attendant

Sammy – Our Daycare Attendant.

Xiomara Siegele


Xiomara Siegele – Our Groomer

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