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Krystal W.

Let me preface that I usually groom my dog myself. I just couldn’t find a beneficial reason to shell out all the dough. Korob has definitely shown me why. My dog is a white Pomeranian and was shedding an insane amount of hair all around the house. I was finding hair on every floor in every nook and cranny. I finally had enough and took her to Korob. I will never do her hair myself again. Lindsey took such great care of her and made her look amazing!! She got a hair cut, mud bath, whitening treatment, deshedding and her nails painted. All said and done it was $95 which I find a bit high (what do I know though, I’ve never had her groomed). It has been two weeks and there is still no hair on my floors! She will definitely be going back on the regular now.

The facility itself is extremely clean. Front desk people were very friendly and you could tell they really loved their jobs. I would bring my dog here for boarding as well if I had no one to watch her.

The only thing that drives me bonkers more than websites using bad SEO are ones that use appointment tools which can’t actually book an appointment. I wish that Korob would update their scheduler so I could see next available appointment, see when they’re booked, and actually schedule an appointment. I request an appointment on a day I’d like, then inevitably I get an appointment request denied email and someone calls me telling me they’re booked and tries to find out when I am available. This is an unnecessary and frustrating layer. Getting Reagan in the second time has been a bit of a challenge, to say the least.

January 31, 2017, Houston, TX

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