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Leslie K.

So glad that I found this place on yelp. Many of the doggy daycares have a waiting list or are dirty/neglectful?.

I believe they just opened the brick and mortar of the pet hotel at the beginning of this year. The facility is well kept and clean. The owner and staff are really nice. Rimma is currently on maternity leave, so her husband stepped up and he and the staff are so caring.

There is an indoor and outdoor area for daycare. Right now, there are only 12ish dogs for daycare, so we can bring in our dog Tedz whenever we want without notice. It’s nice to know that they have play sessions with the dogs during the day because Tedz just likes to lie around.

Additionally, I had an excellent grooming experience. They have special pricing for a groom + daycare. Grooming price + $10

Hopefully they will be able to add a camera for my greedy viewing pleasure in the future.

September 18, 2016, Houston, TX

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