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Korob Pet Hotel

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Korob Pet Hotel
Based on 75 Reviews
Brianna C.
Brianna C.
2019-01-29 18:52:36
I wanna start out by saying I've been using Korob's daycare services for the past few months. They have been amazingly attentive and helpful. I would...
Amberly B.
Amberly B.
2019-01-10 06:09:33
My dog, Tink and I love Korob Pet Hotel! The staff is always very kind and helpful and Tink leaves daycare exhausted and ready for a long nap. I have to...
Sarah K.
Sarah K.
2018-12-18 19:54:35
My guy's pup needed a new place to stay for a long weekend. We were in a new city and a bit unsure about it all...spending hours searching through google...
Jessica T.
Jessica T.
2018-12-12 10:03:34
Unprofessional. The owner is never there. The place is small and crowded for that many dogs. Located in the ghetto.
Torey C.
Torey C.
2018-11-17 18:28:59
I've gotta say I'm a tad bit pissed at this place!For starters, we have a golden doodle and when my husband called to ask how many go there, they said it...
Mercedes M.
Mercedes M.
2018-10-02 14:39:23
The staff is super helpful and nice! I had a lot of questions and I was nervous to leave my pet alone at a place overnight for the first time. They had so...
Camilla R.
Camilla R.
2018-09-12 20:02:34
Korob is the only place I trust leaving my fur baby. She is a rescue and doesn't trust just anyone! Can't say enough great things about the staff. They...
2018-05-21 15:52:55
Let me tell you my story:My wonderful dog, Betty, got into some serious "badness" on our walk this evening. She found something awful and ugly to roll...

Jennifer J.

Jennifer J., Houston, TX

April 20, 2016

OMG! Korob Pet Hotel is something I can definitely write a dozen reviews about, but I won’t take your precious time! LOL. All I can say is that, as a rule, I am too lazy to go on Yelp and tell people how good the service/product was, but this hotel is an exception! This wasn’t my first boarding experience ever. My Sussex Spaniel Lexi is 6 years old. I had travelled a lot since I got her, and there have been more than 5 different dog sitters, who watched her while I was off. I stumbled on Korob when I realized I needed to change my doggie care approach. What can be better than boarding facility, where the dog may get more socialized and easy-going? Nothing!

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Darius S.

Darius S., Houston, TX

March 24, 2016

I have a bit anxious dog Tod. Due to my business trips I’ve taken him to several different boarding places in Houston. He wasn’t ever such happy as when he got to the Korob Pet boarding. My colleague referred me to this facility and I feel very grateful for that! I can finally say that my expectations weren’t frustrated and I don’t feel any quilt, oh, such a relief.

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Cody H.

Cody H., Houston, TX

March 20, 2016

I guess I am not an ideal dog owner. Why? Why would you take a pet who you have to board to the facility almost every three-four weeks? I have been leaving my boy Buster almost as soon as I got him. However, I would never leave him somewhere for good, he’s my buddy! Well, actually, I do not think that Buster gets upset when I drop him off at Korob pet hotel and doggy day care. He likes to socialize and we have forgotten about the giardia since the very first time the guys at Korob were taking care of him.

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Winston L.

Winston L., Houston, TX

March 3, 2016

They did an excellent job caring for Molly while I was away and even sent photos of her so I knew she was doing well. She didn’t want to leave when I picked her up.

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Jan T.

Jan T., Houston, TX

February 29, 2016

My dog was there for 10 days and did not want to go home with me. Maybe says more about me … But he loved Korob Pet Hotel. They are the best!

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Carlos L.

Carlos L., Houston, TX

February 16, 2016

I have called Rimma last week to find out about her services and rates. I was pleasantly surprised to find out she loves cats and does cats boarding in Houston. Two of my precious cats were staying with her for three days over the weekend and even though my flight was delayed she managed to let me pick them up later at night.

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Vasiliy I.

Vasiliy I., Houston, TX

July 22, 2015

This doggy daycare place offer only the best for your beloved ones. I say this because I have a proof. When I only brought little Ben there the first time he wasn’t social enogh and was scared to communicate with other dogs.

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April M.

April M., Atlanta, GA

April 14, 2015

I found Rimma on Yelp and called her right away to get familiarized with her prices and services. I was very surprised to find out she had spot available for my lovely pooch and I’m very excited to hire her due to all the good recommendations I got from different people.

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My N.

My N., Houston, TX

April 3, 2015

I love this establishment! They really have a heart for pets and will take good care of your pets. Give them a try you will not be disappointed!

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Madison H.

Madison H., Wood Dale, IL

March 2, 2015

I called in to ask about dog boarding and a young lady Rimma was very nice to explain me all the price ranges and dates availability. I called two weeks in advance just to make sure I have a professional dog boarding place to take care of my dog. In two weeks I dropped off my dog and met Rimma in person. She showed me the place and my Leila was playing with her right away. I think the atmosphere and over all the positivity that comes out from this person is incredible!

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