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Darius S.

I have a bit anxious dog Tod. Due to my business trips I’ve taken him to several different boarding places in Houston. He wasn’t ever such happy as when he got to the Korob Pet boarding. My colleague referred me to this facility and I feel very grateful for that! I can finally say that my expectations weren’t frustrated and I don’t feel any quilt, oh, such a relief.

Tod absolutely loves this spot! How is that even possible not to like it? The staff is amazing! So pleasant, responsive and professional. I am wondering how the one can ever have such a wonderful connection with dogs. The owner of the place that I met once has so exceptional ability to communicate with the pets. She seemed like she was truly in love with the fluffy buddies and they pay her the same.

The pricing is very fair. Is it possible to wish for something more?

March 24, 2016, Houston, TX

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