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Cody H.

I guess I am not an ideal dog owner. Why? Why would you take a pet who you have to board to the facility almost every three-four weeks? I have been leaving my boy Buster almost as soon as I got him. However, I would never leave him somewhere for good, he’s my buddy! Well, actually, I do not think that Buster gets upset when I drop him off at Korob pet hotel and doggy day care. He likes to socialize and we have forgotten about the giardia since the very first time the guys at Korob were taking care of him.

As for the facility, it’s simply great! Not only the prices are reasonable so it makes it real to leave a pet there for week or two and it won’t be harmful for your wallet, but the staff is flexible and knowledgeable. I like the spot, because it is a cage free environment. It was the exact reason why I chose Korob out of the wide range of similar places in Houston. Every time I get Buster back he is happy and pretty exhausted, so he falls asleep pretty early with no barking at night. What a heaven!

To sum up, it’s a great experience for me and my buddy! Thank’s for your help and dedication!

March 20, 2016, Houston, TX

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