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Mong Chong E.

My miniature schnauzer is crazy. He is also a puppy but I adopted him when he was already 6 months. Rather than me keeping him home by himself, i wanted to make sure that his socialized traits didn’t go away since his home has changed and owners too. My pup has been coming to Korob every morning, Mon-Fri for a month now and honestly, I think I’m just making his spoiled-ness worse 🙂 They love him there and every time we drop him off, were always personally greeted by the owner. When my pup gets home, he is ready to nap and ready to eat. Perhaps from having so much fun at the place. I don’t feel like he is neglected and I see how much everyone there pays attention to all the dogs. I dog-sit my neighbors’ dogs too when they are out of town and I’ve convinced her to let them go there for daycare as well and sure enough, they’ve loved it also.

Overall, this place is top notch. It’s super clean and again, the owner, trainer and Rice are all great to me and my dog(s). Sometimes I wish I can work there too!

Not sure about the boarding, but if I was a small dog and I get to lie down on a real human bed, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else if my humans have to leave me. Again, this place is legit. #retirementgoals

August 22, 2016, Houston, TX

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